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What do people say about
working with CEC?

Iain Fish (Head of School, European School HCMC)

In March 2017, the European International School HCMC hosted a series of workshops on bilingualism and support for home languages for teachers and parents, led by Eowyn. Having worked with Eowyn previously on several occasions, I was anxious to bring her expertise to my new school and its community. Eowyn's workshops not only demonstrate the cognitive benefits associated with bilingualism and multilingualism but also provide teachers with practical tools they can use to support a child's home language in their regular classes. For administrators, the workshops remind schools of the importance of valuing home language through the physical and social environment, and that it is often this valuing of language that is so crucial for the community to genuinely embrace support for home languages as a concept. I can say without hesitation, that working with Eowyn has significantly enhanced my own understanding of multilingual language development in children, and that my school community is now making great steps to improving its support for our international student body.

Lara Brugman-Rikers (EAL Coordinator, Mother Tongue Inclusion, International School of The Hague)

We feel very fortunate as school and department to have the opportunity to work closely with Eowyn Crisfield. Her knowledge about Linguistics and supporting bilingual children is incredible. She truly understands the nature of international schools and its community. Eowyn has helped us lift our practice to the next level, she is truly a bridge between the academic world and every day school reality. She is a pleasure to work with, I would strongly recommend her for parent information sessions as well as professional development for staff.

Claudia van der Laar-Newson (Head of EYFS, British School of Amersterdam)

“Eowyn captures her audience from the moment she starts speaking. Her knowledge of supporting and teaching children as additional English language learners has been an overwhelming support to children and teachers alike. Not only does Eowyn help you to recognise the challenges facing an EAL learner, she provides the knowledge and tools to ‘fix’ them. “

Katherine Fortier (Educational Psychologist)

Eowyn is a skilled educator and trainer who brings a wealth of in-depth expert knowledge to her presentations. Her communication style is compelling and she tailors the content carefully to the needs of her audience (e.g., teachers, parents, special educators). Her seminars were full of empirically evidenced information which she made practical and accessible to her audience.

Michelle Brookson. Coordinator, Teaching English in Bilingual Schools Programme, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Eowyn Crisfield is an accomplished ELT professional and teacher educator, with high, clear expectations of her students. She is a pleasure to work with and very supportive and structured in her approach to both colleagues and students. She is dedicated to her students and to the programme, making sure to supply material and course work at an exquisite level. Her knowledge and field expertise are enviable and I would recommend her in any function within an educational environment.

David Stanfield, Head of Research and Development, Council of International Schools

Eowyn ran two workshops last year at the Council of International School's (CIS) annual Symposia on Intercultural Learning, which were extremely well received. Eowyn has extensive knowledge and expertise on multilingualism in international schools. I am particularly impressed by how she tailors her advice and direction for each school community, recognizing the unique context and culture of each.

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