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Eowyn has authored and co-authored several books, to which links can be found in this section.

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  • Does your family or community speak more than one language?

  • Do you wonder how to help your children successfully learn or keep those languages?

  • Do you want your children to have the gift of bilingualism and aren't sure where to start - or how to keep going?


Every multilingual family has unique language needs. Bilingual Families is a guide for you and your family. It combines academic research with practical advice to cover the essential elements in successful bilingual and multilingual development. Use this book to: Learn about language goals - and how to set them Create a 'living' family language plan that develops and grows with your family Learn how to talk about multilingualism with your children and other key people in your children's life, like teachers and relatives Recognise when you might need further support An indispensable guide for your family's language journey.

This is a clear, engaging, and accessible guide for parents who are interested in raising their children with more than one language. Evidence-informed, yet simultaneously structured and written so as to truly facilitate parents' reflection and engagement, it offers practical and realistic advice. A must-read for any parent interested in bestowing the gift of language onto their children.

--Victoria A. Murphy, University of Oxford, UK


This book presents case studies of five schools engaged in radical change in order to engage with children’s home languages and cultures in a more multilingual and inclusive way.


Located around the globe, from Hawaii to Kenya, the case studies are informed by both researchers and professionals on the ground. While the schools in question are each anchored in a unique context and situation, they also have a common mission to see language diversity as a resource, and a responsibility to embrace all the languages of their pupils.


The authors offer a rich resource for education professionals and policymakers, including not only theoretical insights but useful practical tips. This innovative volume will be a helpful resource for educational professionals interested in following a path of multilingualism as well as students and scholars of second language acquisition, heritage languages and cultures and multilingual educational policy.

Jane Spiro is Reader in Education and TESOL at Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has run projects for the development of international teachers and learners of English in four continents of the world.   She has published widely on TESOL methodologies, teacher reflection, internationalisation and learner creativity.


Eowyn Crisfield is a specialist in bilingualism and education.  She works to bridge the divide between research and practice, supporting whole school communities to embed languages across the curriculum, and to develop policy and practices that empower language diversity.