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Host Country/Foreign language Teaching

Excelling in Language Teaching in International Schools

Teaching and learning of languages is of high priority in international schools. Many countries require that all schools, including international schools, provide tuition in the host country language to all students. Most schools also offer one or more foreign languages as a requirement or an option for all students. To help schools meet the unique challenges of host-country language teaching, CEC provides support for needs analysis, programme evaluation, curriculum development and pedagogical improvements. This work is all undertaken from a perspective of the school approach to teaching and learning, as well as the curricular model being used. 

Challenges of Host Country Language Teaching:
Host country teaching
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Eowyn Crisfield is an accomplished ELT professional and teacher educator, with high, clear expectations of her students. She is a pleasure to work with and very supportive and structured in her approach to both colleagues and students. She is dedicated to her students and to the programme, making sure to supply material and course work at an exquisite level. Her knowledge and field expertise are enviable and I would recommend her in any function within an educational environment.

Michelle Brookson, English Teacher Education Coordinator, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
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