Open Books


Below can be found a list of academic and magazine articles that Eowyn has authored or co-authored.

Chalmers, H, & Crisfield, E. (March 2019). Drawing on linguistic and cultural capital to create positive learning cultures for EAL learners. Impact: The magazine of the Chartered College of Teachers

Crisfield, E., Holland, A, & Gordon, I. (Forthcoming 2019). Translanguaging as a pathway to ethical bilingual education. In At the Crossroads of EMI and Translanguaging: Global Perspectives

Crisfield, E. (2018). How can Euro-CLIL inform EAL Practice? EAL Journal, Summer 2018, p.28-29.


Crisfield, E. (2018). Challenging the Monolingual Habitus of International School Classrooms. International Schools Journal: John Catt Educational Ltd.


Crisfield, E. (2017). Every teacher is (not) a language teacher. International School Magazine, p. 5-8


Crisfield, E. (2016). Do we need to change our approach to mother tongue?, International School Magazine, p.11-13

Crisfield Burr, E. (2012). Motivation Research and SLA: Bringing it into the classroom. in Pawlak, M. (ed.). 2012. New perspectives on individual differences in language learning and teaching. 217-232. Berlin: Springer-Verlag